• Professional basic installation is included in the price, which includes the following:
    1. Dish mount installed to the residential structure
    2. Dish alignment to receive Shaw Direct satellite signals from both Anik F1 and Anik F2
    3. Placement and connection of hardware from Dish/LNB to subscriber’s receiver and one TV
    4. RG6 coax Cable run (up to 150 ft per line) from dish (one receiver installed with current new customer offer only), this includes all necessary connecting materials such as:
      • Connectors
      • Wall plates
      • Ground block(s) and ground wire
      • Sealing of all entry holes
      • Testing of full functionality of system/signal
      • Activation of receiver(s) installed
      • Customer orientation on new receiver/system

Additional charges that can apply to a customer include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Excessive cable runs beyond 150 ft per line (for installation of up to two receivers with current new customer offer only)
  • Requests for fishing cable through interior walls
  • Home theatre connections
  • Additional mileage charges may apply for round trips over 100 km (can vary by region)
  • Non-standard mounts (i.e., non-penetrating roof mounts posts, tripods, 24″ stand off brackets, multi-switches and associated securing equipment such as protective foam, cinder blocks.).
  • Ferry trips
  • Ladder rentals (applies to 40 foot+ ladders)

You should discuss any questions you have with your installer to clarify details before the installation begins or you can go to the Shaw Direct FAQ page.